Tabling on Campus

The new school year is here, and SAL chapters are getting off to a great start with kick-off meetings, new member welcome events, and even a few service projects. One way SAL chapters start the year is by participating in student organization fairs on campus. Organization fairs are a great way to recruit new members and show everyone on-campus that SAL is an important part of the community.

At the fairs, potential members can visit a SAL table and pick up some new SAL swag, such as our cell phone wallets, sunglasses and more! It is also a great time for everyone to see the friendly faces of our organization. El Centro College used this opportunity to fill an open officer position. After seeing the SAL table at University of Colorado Denver, faculty and staff were eager to share SAL with their students. Binghamton University took advantage of the fall fair time to share with everyone what the upcoming initiatives and events would be for the semester. All participating chapters left new students excited to work hard for that GPA so they could join SAL!

El Centro 3

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