Central County Health Expo

The Central County Health Expo is an event held in Grove City, CA, where anyone can come to receive health care for free. In this tough economic time, not everyone has health insurance or can afford to see a doctor. At the expo, people are able to receive vision services, medical services and dental extractions and fillings. This expo was the most successful to date, and provided health care to over 2000 participants.

This included:

  • Vision services to 383 patients
  • Medical services to 159 patients
  • Dental extractions and fillings to 137 patients

SAL members volunteered to assist the physicians and escort patients through the various stations of the clinic. Mike Phu, the Chapter President, assisted optometrists with patients’ applications and translated from Vietnamese to English. This event was a great way for SAL members to be able to help out people in their local community. They learned a lot from the physicians and had a great time working at the expo.

To learn more about the CSULB chapter, click here.


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