Adulting for Dummies

SAL officers at Binghamton University hosted an Adulting for Dummies session to help financially prepare their members for life after college. After discussing all of life’s post-graduate responsibilities, they decided to help students feel less overwhelmed. VP of Academic Achievement Jeff Beyel brought in Anne Catalano, Financial Consultant and President of Tioga State Insurance Agency. She spoke on many different forms of taxes (income, estate, property, gift tax/etc.) and discussed a variety of insurance plans, 401k’s, Roth IRAs, and investing in the stock market. The chapter also learned about investing.

“My favorite part of this workshop was learning about investing because that is how many people are able to afford large expenses, such as their children’s college education. She gave us tips and tricks on how go about investing, what to start investing in, and what to look for in a good financial consultant,” said Jessica Van Name, Chapter President.

For more information on Binghamton University’s SAL chapter, click here.

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