Helping Chintsa Walk-a-Thon

Walking around barefoot for a good cause was a huge success for Binghamton’s SAL chapter. The group participated in the Helping Chintsa Walk-a-Thon to raise awareness and collect money for the children of Chintsa, South Africa. Most children in the village of Chintsa do not have the luxury of shoes, so SAL joined with others to walk around the Peace Quad on campus without the comfort of protected feet. This attracted more attention and led to more donations.

The event was rewarding for the members as well. “Walking around barefoot in the center of campus not only got people’s attention, but got them to stop and learn something about the suffering in our world,” said Binghamton’s Chapter Secretary, Emily Lubin. “Selflessness is something that cannot be taught, and it’s imperative that people in this world give back. This event taught me that there are so many people willing to walk barefoot around the quad or at least give a dollar to support those in need.”

For more information on the Binghamton University Chapter, click here.

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