Chapter Officers
Kylea Spradley - President
Kourtnie Belcher - Vice President
Gabriella Jarrett - Secretary

Contact Details
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Chapter Support Representative - Rob Miner

Leadership Opportunities

The most engaging and active leadership roles are filling the role of a Chapter officer. This is an opportunity to develop hands on experience in communication, project planning & execution, team building, and time management. Elections occur once per year, typically in early spring. Click here to read a brief description of each officer position.

Scholarship and Award Recipients from this Chapter

Mya Morrow - New Member Award, 2018
Justin Brooks - Chapter Leadership Award, 2016
Stephanie Marie Dodrill - Path to Excellence Award, 2009
Stephanie Marie Dodrill - New Member Award, 2009
Sergio A. Mendoza - Path to Excellence Award, 2009
Sandra Mudhune - Path to Excellence Award

Chapter Highlights
University of Memphis

Soup Kitchen Volunteering SAL’s University of Memphis chapter helped make a positive impact in their community by lending a hand at their local soup kitchen. Chapter members assisted with a variety of tasks, including

University of Memphis

Homecoming Parade Our chapter at the University of Memphis helped promote SAL by participating in their university’s homecoming parade!


During the month of October, several chapters enjoy getting out into their communities and participating in local Halloween events! From dressing up and handing out candy to children to raising funds and awareness for those in need, read on to see what some of our chapters did to mark the holiday!

University of Memphis

Pink Palace Crafts Fair SAL’s University of Memphis Chapter recently participated in a service activity with the Pink Palace Museum of Memphis, TN, at their annual Crafts Fair.