To Stress or Not to Stress…

The end-of-semester crunch is upon you…..HELP!!!  Papers are due, projects need to be completed, exams are looming, and there are only three weeks left before semester break.  And what about time spent making arrangements to get home, shopping, parties, spending time with friends?  How will it all get done?

Here are some simple ways that may help.  Time spent organizing and planning how you will get everything done is a wise investment of your time.

  • Make a list of everything you have to do before the semester.  Include:  school, work and social related.
  • Write down specific dates and times for things already scheduled (Study Group on Tuesday at 6; Dorm party on the 18th at 5, etc.), as well as the deadlines by which reports and papers are due and the dates and times for your exams.  Include your work and class schedule.  What can you eliminate from your schedule to give you more time?  Cut down your work hours?  Get up earlier in the morning?  Reduce socializing, time-wasting activities and procrastinating?
  • Look at each project or paper individually and break it down.  What needs to be done step by step and how much time should it take you to complete each step?  Be realistic.  Don’t over-schedule or give up meals, breaks or sleep.  Doing so reduces your ability to concentrate and work effectively so in the end tasks take even more time to do.  Breaking a project down into smaller steps and time increments helps makes the project more manageable and less overwhelming.
  • Create a timeline.  Focus on one project or paper at a time to maximize your concentration.
  • Decide where you will work that will allow you to complete each step in the allotted time without interruption.  If your room is noisy or messy and you can’t work well there, find somewhere else to do it.
  • Work the plan.  Cross out things as you complete them.

Find yourself not able to get it all done, even with good planning?  Contact your professors or Student Advisor NOW and ask for help.  And make a promise to yourself and to them that you won’t let this happen again!