Reactors vs. Planners

A new semester is beginning.  How will it go for you?

Do you have your entire semester planned out with multiple copies of your schedule available where ever you are?  Do you check your phone calendar each time you think about taking a break with a friend?  And do you feel a tad isolated from what’s going on????


Do you not know when or what your next class is?  When exams are and why you have no clean clothes to wear?  And where did you put your phone charger?????


What’s good about it?

  • You don’t have that last minute panic about getting things done on time.
  • Your grades may be higher since you are able to spend more time on projects and assignments
  • You manage to eat, sleep, relax, study and participate in activities all in the same day.

What’s not so good?

Everyone else seems to be having all the fun and all the time in the world.  You might be missing out on a lot of the college experience.


What’s good about it?

  • You are in the loop about who’s doing what and are always available to join in
  • You work well under pressure even with, or because of, a tight deadline.
  • You’re not tied down to a calendar or schedule.

What’s not so good?

You always seem to be behind on everything and feel a lot of pressure at semester’s end.  You might not be getting all that you can out of college life.

THE BEST?  A combination of both.

If you’re a planner, don’t plan every moment of every day. Learn to be flexible and less tied to your lists – or make shorter lists that prioritize what is necessary and what can be delayed without causing you stress or missing a deadline.  Ask yourself if you are missing out on things you‘d like to do because your schedule won’t ever allow it.

If you’re a reactor, plan out the major things.  Learn to do some scheduling of dates and times, lead times for papers, study and projects.  Be realistic about how much time things take to do.  Add some structure and routine to your life.  Ask yourself if you are causing yourself stress – and if possibly your grades would be better – if you spent some time planning.