President’s Volunteer Service Award Information

A commitment to service is an important part of being a SAL member. The goal of each one of our chapters is to involve our members in several activities to serve others both in their local communities and on a national level. Our members contribute generously of their time and their talents to make a difference in their world. Part of our mission at SAL is to lead through service to others. As such, Sigma Alpha Lambda is a proud supporter of the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

There are three levels of awards for young adults who have volunteered the following hours in a 12 month period:

  • Bronze    100-174 hours
  • Silver       175-249
  • Gold         250 or more


Here’s how the SAL national office will help and support your efforts:

  • Provide opportunities and ideas for ways in which you can volunteer
  • Help you keep track of your hours (SAL’s 12 month period runs from August 1-July 31)
  • Verify the hours you have completed
  • Nominate you for the award
  • Purchase your award for you
  • Be sure that you receive it!


The best thing about the PVSA is that anyone can earn it! All you have to do is volunteer and log your hours. You can earn hours from any volunteer work that you do, not just SAL service. In addition to the many areas in which SAL participates, you might volunteer with your local house of worship, get involved with your local food bank, mentor a student, help at a thrift store, or find another activity you would enjoy doing. There are countless ways in which you can serve both at college and at home. We hope that you will join the hundreds of other SAL members working to make a difference all over our country.

Now, go ahead and start earning those hours!