Chapter Officers
Carina Bruno - President
Molly Allen - Vice President
Raquel Gomez - Secretary
Sarah Egan - Treasurer
Jessica Buman - VP Community Service

Contact Details
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Chapter Support Representative - Rob Miner

Leadership Opportunities

The most engaging and active leadership roles are filling the role of a Chapter officer. This is an opportunity to develop hands on experience in communication, project planning & execution, team building, and time management. Elections occur once per year, typically in early spring. Click here to read a brief description of each officer position.

Scholarship and Award Recipients from this Chapter

Jessica Buman - National Academic Achievement Award, 2020
Jennifer Burns - Chapter Leadership Award, Path to Excellence Award, 2019
Jessica Buman - University of Iowa, Chapter Leadership Award, 2019
Marjorie Baker - Path to Excellence Award, 2018
Jessica Buman - New Member Award, 2018
Jennifer Burns - New Member Award, 2018
Hayleigh Sharp - New Member Award, 2018
Marjorie Baker - Chapter Leadership Award, 2018
Emily Steinbach - Path to Excellence Award, 2017
Emily Steinbach - New Member Award, 2016
Leighna Reuter - New Member Award, 2013
Isabella De Soriano - Path to Excellence Award, 2012
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Chapter Highlights
University of Iowa

SAL’s University of Iowa chapter organized a park clean-up for their October service activity.

A Fall to Remember!

With another fall semester in the books, let’s look back on some of the fun events that SAL members took part in!

2018 Food Fight Against Hunger

2018’s Food Fight Against Hunger event has come to a close, and we’re proud of all the work that members accomplished!

University of Iowa

City Park Clean Up The City Park is a little cleaner thanks to the effort of the University of Iowa SAL Chapter! The chapter embraced the nice weather, hosting a brief meeting at a local park.

University of Iowa

Ronald McDonald House Event The Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City experienced a very sweet treat from University of Iowa’s SAL chapter. Officers and members created extra large Rice Krispy Treats in the shape of I-O-W-A and a tiger hawk.

University of Iowa

Christmas Tree Silent Auction University of Iowa’s Sigma Alpha Lambda chapter did a Christmas Tree Silent Auction to benefit the new Stead Family Children’s Hospital.