Chapter Officers
Kiana Williams - President
Rachel Rodriguez - Vice President

Contact Details
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Chapter Support Representative - Rob Miner

Leadership Opportunities

The most engaging and active leadership roles are filling the role of a Chapter officer. This is an opportunity to develop hands on experience in communication, project planning & execution, team building, and time management. Elections occur once per year, typically in early spring. Click here to read a brief description of each officer position.

Scholarship and Award Recipients from this Chapter

Jocelyn Rogers - Path to Excellence Award, 2015
Chelcy Sally - New Member Award, 2014
Jocelyn Rogers - Path to Excellence Award, 2014
Taylor Smalls - National Academic Achievement Award Runner Up, 2013
Tamlyn Horne - Path to Excellence Award, 2011
Vessela Radieva - Path to Excellence Award, 2011
Vessela Radieva - New Member Award, 2010
Lauren Lorraine Bailey - New Member Award, 2009
Elizabeth Jan Riddle - New Member Award, 2009
Sloan Markie Sauls - Path to Excellence Award
Andrew Tyler Gaeckle - Path to Excellence Award, 2007

Chapter Highlights
University of South Carolina

Harvest Hope Volunteer Members from the University of South Carolina Chapter took participation in SAL’s Annual Food Fight Against Hunger one step further on Friday and, aside from donating to local food bank Harvest Hope, they also volunteered to spend a little extra time aiding the other workers and organizing.