How much of my time does membership require?

To take full advantage of the benefits available, Sigma Alpha Lambda strongly encourages its members to become active in as many facets of their local chapter as and national initiatives as possible. However, we recognize that at various points in time during undergraduate studies, other priorities may not allow you to be fully active in chapter activities. Therefore, there is no minimum requirement of participation to maintain your membership in Sigma Alpha Lambda and you will still be eligible for all the benefits of membership.

Are scholarships and awards available to members?

Sigma Alpha Lambda currently offers awards and scholarships for members who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, exhibited strong leadership skills, and made a substantial contribution to their local Chapter and local community.  For a detailed list of our scholarships and more information on the application process, please see our Scholarships page.

What is the National Academic Achievement Award?

The National Academic Achievement Award is an annual award, recognizing a single student from amongst all of the scholarship and award applicants who has demonstrated excellence in each of the three areas of Community Service, Academic Achievement and Chapter Leadership.  Please note that, because the winner is selected from the applications received for all other scholarships, this award does not have its own application.

What are the specific membership eligibility requirements of Sigma Alpha Lambda?

For the academic year ending August 31, 2014, the national requirements are classification of sophomore or higher with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Individual chapters may petition the Executive Leadership Council to raise these requirements. Chapters who were chartered prior to September 1, 2010, may allow second term freshman to be admitted to membership.

What happens if I transfer to another university?

Membership in Sigma Alpha Lambda stays with you throughout your academic studies wherever you go. When transferring to another university you simply provide the National Office with your member ID, your new university and your new address information, and your records will be updated accordingly. If there is not already an existing Sigma Alpha Lambda chapter at your new university, this creates a wonderful opportunity for you to lead the creation of what might be the next outstanding chapter of Sigma Alpha Lambda.

What affiliation does Sigma Alpha Lambda have with the university?

All chapters of Sigma Alpha Lambda are student organized and student run and are registered student organizations fully recognized at the university. Sigma Alpha Lambda chapters have a university advisor who provides guidance and feedback to the chapter.

Why did I get a letter of invitation if I am already a member?

Although we do everything possible to avoid this situation, due to the various methods and timing which eligibility information and mailing services are available at the university, it is not always possible to exclude each individual who may have recently become a member before letters of invitation are sent.

How will the information I provide on my Membership Profile be used?

The information provided on the Membership Profile is used solely for the purpose of creating your membership materials and keeping you in touch with Sigma Alpha Lambda. We do not sell, lease or in anyway provide our membership information to individuals or organizations outside of Sigma Alpha Lambda.

Where can I find a copy of the constitution and bylaws?

You may request a copy of the constitution and bylaws by emailing info@salhonors.org and specifying if you would like to receive a hard copy via US mail or an electronic copy. For copies via US mail, please include a complete mailing address with your request.

How do I contact the Executive Director/CEO of Sigma Alpha Lambda?

A complete staff listing is located on the Contact page on this website. The Executive Director can be reached at dmpickhardt@sigmaalphalambda.org or at 941-866-5614.