University of Arizona

Ben’s Bells

SAL’s University of Arizona chapter helped make an impact in their community by lending a hand to local nonprofit Ben’s Bells. Focused on the message of spreading positivity, Ben’s Bells was created by (more…)

Purdue University

Exploration Acres

The Purdue University chapter found the perfect event for members to get to know each other better, taking a trip to Exploration Acres. With this year’s theme being “Stranger Things”, Exploration Acres provided the chapter with a great opportunity to (more…)

Binghamton University

Meeting & Meditation Event

After going over topics such as chapter updates at their recent meeting, SAL’s Binghamton chapter was treated to an insightful presentation from the Binghamton Meditation Club. (more…)

Youngstown State University

Painting the Rock for SAL Spirit Day

On SAL Spirit Day, the Youngstown State University found a creative way to both take part in the event and promote Sigma Alpha Lambda. (more…)

New Mexico State University
20181004_211822 (2)

School Spirit Socials

The New Mexico State University chapter has made the most of their time this fall by scheduling chapter activities that let them embrace their school spirit. (more…)

SAL Spirit Day
MSState (3)

This year’s SAL Spirit Day campaign was one of our best yet, with everyone from SAL members to the national office celebrating the event! (more…)