Accessories & Gifts

Greek Letter Hat

Velcro Adjustable Hat

Color: Navy Blue

Price: $12.00


Green SAL Tote

Green SAL Snap Tote

Measurements: 20″ X 13″

Normally $10: Only $8 for May!
SAL Koozie – Red

Red Collapsible Koozie

Price: $3.00

SAL Koozie – Purple

Purple Collapsible Koozie

Price: $3.00
SAL Koozie – Navy

Navy Collapsible Koozie

Price: $3.00
SAL Koozie – Lime Green

Lime Green Collapsible Koozie

Price: $3.00

SAL Silicone Bracelet

Includes one two-sided bracelet.

Side 1: Sigma Alpha Lambda

Side 2: Greek Letters

Price: $3.00
SAL Pen Pack

A 4-Pack of assorted SAL Pens
*Pens included may not be the same as those pictured here

Price: $4.00
Window Decal

White SAL Decal with a clear background.

Price: $3.00

Alumni Decal

SAL Alumni Decal


Price: $3.00

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