Texas State University

Chapter Officers

Alyxandrina Hirle - President
Elizabeth Berecin - Vice President
Kiley Jones - Secretary
Michelle Pechal - VP Community Service
Isabel Torres - VP Academic Achievement

The Texas State University Chapter is currently seeking additional officers for this academic year. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, please see the Leadership Opportunity information below or fill out the contact form and select 'Leadership Opportunities' as your inquiry.

Leadership Opportunities

The most engaging and active leadership roles are filling the role of a Chapter officer. This is an opportunity to develop hands on experience in communication, project planning & execution, team building, and time management. Elections occur once per year, typically in early spring. Click here to read a brief description of each officer position.

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and Awards range from $100 to $5000 and are available for both undergraduate members as well as members furthering their academic endeavors through post-graduate study. Applications are available at the beginning of April each year and are due to the Scholarship Committee by the end of May. For more information, please view the Scholarship page.

Graduation Items

Tassels, Honor Cords & Honor Stoles are available from the SAL Store.

Scholarship and Award Recipients from this Chapter

Rebecca Johnston - New Member Award, 2017
Jessica Jimenez - New Member Award, 2015
Caitlan Smith - Chapter Leadership Award, 2013
Cayce Harris - Path to Excellence Award, 2012
Janet Gabrysch - Path to Excellence Award, 2012
Liberti Zimmerman - Path to Excellence Award & New Member Award, 2012
Carly Stephens - New Member Award, 2012
Crystal Ramirez - New Member Award, 2012
Haetham Abdul-Razaq - New Member Award, 2012
Caitlan Smith - Chapter Leadership Award & Path to Excellence Award, 2011
Cayce Harris - Chapter Leadership Award, 2011
Valene Bummara - Chapter Leadership Award, Emerging Leaders Scholarship & Path to Excellence Award, 2011
Jenna Hodges - Path to Excellence Award & National Academic Achievement Award, 2011
Valene Bummara - Chapter Leadership Award & Path to Excellence Award, 2010
Cayce Harris - New Member Award, 2010
Elizabeth Wellings - New Member Award, 2010
Brian Damerow - Path to Excellence Award, 2010
Lindsay Oberhelman - Path to Excellence Award, 2010
Valene Anne Bummara - Founding Officer Award & Path to Excellence Award, 2009
Audrey Jean Talab - Founding Officer Award & Path to Excellence Award, 2009
Valene Anne Bummara - Path to Excellence Award, 2008

Chapter Highlights

Bobcat Build

SAL members at Texas State University recently participated in this year’s Bobcat Build–a year of planning by the Bobcat Build OrganizationĀ culminating inĀ a day of service by the students of Texas State! (more…)

fall 2011 008 (Small)

Feed the Hungry

Giving back to the community is one of the top priorities for Sigma Alpha Lambda. Texas State University members did just that when they volunteered for the San Marcos Community Center’s Feed the Hungry event. (more…)